Creating a Revolution in Wholeness!

 WElcome to Infinite Wholeness!

We will be "re"-opening soon..... hopefully in a town in Florida! :-) 


"The Message is simple yet radical ... we are already whole"                                                                                             Joan Borysenko

To become Infinitely Whole is to return to your most authentic and joyful self in Body, Mind and Spirit. We take that Journey every day making choices that either get us closer to or further away from our destination.

Mission Statement:


Infinite Wholeness, a holistic wellness services, offers rejuvenation for the body, a balm on a wounded heart, education for positive choices and a system to enable balance on every level of being. So you may go forward on your path incandescently happy and infinitely whole, our method includes a positive dietary structure and cutting edge technology combined with ancient wisdom techniques gently leading to wholeness.  Council from Infinite Wholeness will come from a place of integrity, education, experience and always with non-judgment and compassion.

My mission is to be a Guide on your Path to Infinite Wholeness by providing tools to use that will help bring you back into balance by restoring your physical and spiritual being to whole. 


Holistic Chef and Nutritional Counseling

Holistic Nutritional Counselor - Food is Medicine

Raw Foods Juice Detoxification Cleanses

Kinesiology and Food Allergy / Blood Type Testing


Modalities of Wellness

AMI 750 (Acoustical Meridian Intelligence)

Medical Tuning Forks Practitioner

Ion Cleanse ~ Footbath Detoxification

Maori Crystal Alignment - Reiki Master (level 111)

Access Consciousness – The Bars


Call to Service

Unity Certified Chaplin

Ordained Minister ~ Universal Life Church

Affirmative Prayer Writing