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Nutritional Counseling

Private sessions.  Find out what’s “eating you” by booking an individual, comprehensive nutritional counseling session for your ultimate health, wellness and joy.  Offering a wide range of services using traditional and alternative methods to restore your body to its natural, highest functioning and optimally healthy state.  Whether you would like a tailored detoxification diet or juice cleanse to expurgate toxins or help with addiction recovery, want to determine food allergies, learn about how food combining can assist and revive your entire digestive system, how to eat right for your blood type or are just looking for general wellness guidelines for your lifestyle one session will get you started.


Each session includes culinary educational coaching, health assessment based on history, kinesiology and recommendation. 

For “Daily Organic Juice Detoxification programs or Menu’s pricing will be based on the needs of the client.   

Private cooking / Juicing classes and group workshops are offered on a wide interesting spectrum such as Raw Vegetarian, Foods to help overcome addiction, 3 Day Organic Juicing Detox Cleanse, Healthy Mediterranean, Foods to maximize your Chakras and Intentional Fusion Cooking just to name a few. 

My speciality or passion is pairing a clients expectations and intentions with a dietary and wellness plan to achieve their desired outcome.