Creating a Revolution in Wholeness!

Tina Rae Fusco



Deciding to take a break from my Marine Biology studies at the University of South Florida, I took a job as a scuba diving instructor on a Bahamian and Belize based charter dive boat called the Nekton Pilot which means, “free roaming organism.” Unbeknownst to me my culinary journey was about to begin.  Following an extraordinary water incident and the exit of the boats chef, I leapt into a new world head first.  It was there that I fell in love with food.  Cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for 32 guests and 12 crew, I received “boot camp” style training for hungry, discriminating adventure seekers.


My passion and culinary expertise quickly landed me into a world most only dream about as a Private Chef on a mega yacht.  Traveling the world for 15 years receiving the finest, constantly evolving, cooking education any chef could obtain.  Doing so all the while having the opportunity to attend CIA (Culinary Institute of America) and having exposure to every kind of cuisine and ingredients imaginable.  Every year at sea there were gifts of experiencing beautiful cultures, being exposed to a plethora of new spices and herbs, observing unique cooking modalities and experimenting with unique local cheeses, meats and vegetation at every port we visited.  Those beautiful cultures and diverse approaches to food as a whole still influence my palate and culinary skill today.  


From "the Gulfstream" to the "Jet stream", I transitioned from sea to sky and for the past five years I have been the culinary lead for an extremely high profile corporate aviation account. With 5 private jets in it’s fleet, this extremely fast pasted, ultra healthy and highly discerning client had me creating 5-Star meals at 40,000 feet as well as training others to do so.  Today my culinary goal is to share the information I have been given to help people in making educated food choices, maximizing food nutrients, enjoying food and through awareness enabling  people to live their lives more authentically, sustainably, healthily and joy filled.


My Wellness background came from my own personal journey, choices made and many wise teachers that gratefully led to my Awakening.  At that pivotal moment my path started to flow in a constant direction of Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness.  Always a new adventure, crystal healing came into my teen years and blossomed into receiving energy-healing studies by an indigenous shaman of Central America.  Years later back in the US a revolutionary healer Dr. Jim Greenwood certified me as a Level 3 Reiki Master.  As my Journey continued to unfold, I was very fortunate to come into the other traditional modalities I use today. The Maori Crystal Alignment, used by the New Zealand Maori tribe (Maori meaning “Children of Heaven”) is a powerful modality and placement of unique Crystals with specific intention used for alignment of body, mind and spirit. Discovering unique frequency modalities was my next adventure as I teamed up with the International Sound Therapy Association (ISTA) and it was there I discovered the magical nature and power of sound healing of the Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls. It was a short leap then into the world of Medical Tuning Forks where I reconnected with my love of science and the workings of the body. This I have taken everywhere I go to help others reconnect to their healthy self by rebooting the nervous system, the endocrine system and the meridians of the body.


Pure Faith, Hope and Love brought me the gift of a call-to-service as a Unity Prayer Chaplin and Ordained Minister.  My personal Mission Statement is: to joyfully share the gifts that have been bestowed upon me; to be of service to others and assist in their journey in cultivating and birthing a new life, a healthy mind and strong body and most importantly how to live authentically and intentionally, creating a place of Peace with themselves and among all things.