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Medical Tuning Forks


Tuning forks benefit at all levels of human being. Sound and frequency effects every atom and every cell at a positive and restorative level.  Tuning forks have been used for healing as far back as 583 BC.  Still today, “dis”ease or imbalance in the body is created by disharmonic energy blocking the universal life force flow of energy to the body’s Charka system.  Sound Healing is used to achieve restoration or flow of that static energy through frequency and vibration.  This is achieved by using weighted (for the physical body) and unweighted (for the “auric” bodies) medical tuning forks.  This session reboot’s the entire body and its systems. 

Every session comes with an expectation and affirmation consultation as well as three complete treatments.  Resetting the Nervous System, Endocrine System and Meridian Systems.