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Unity Chaplain - Affirmative Prayer Writing

Sample Affirmative Prayer:

Infinite Wholeness Affirmation 

God is the infinite Love that created the universe, the birth place of all creation.  This divine source exists in all things.  God expresses through me and as me and I am a divine expression of this Love.  Thriving on this earth as a grateful and joyful child of God!!!

Honoring this absolute truth I move forward in faith and certainty that my “Infinite Wholeness” practice will be one of non-judgment, one that finds the inherent goodness in all people, one of integrity and education.  I know with conviction that my practice will bring healing, be a balm on a wounded heart, show the path to a lost one, give informed and positive council, open eyes to choices based on my life experience. I will unquestionably be a highly beneficial resource for holistic healing and wellness.  This is my truth released to the universal law, and so it is. 

Infinite Wholeness is prosperous and successful with grace and ease.  Source will show me what knowledge I need to seek to best serve others.  I am and will always be enough and I am open and receptive to all the goodness the universe has to offer in this glorious time of transformation. 

Thank you Father for letting me be of service and please use me as an instrument for your heavenly will so that we may co-create a world of balance, peace and infinite love.       

I go forth brimming with devotion and filled with overwhelming gratitude for these truths I speak. 

Thank you GOD!!!